Leslie's Brownie Ideas

Meeting Ideas for Brownie Leaders


My name's Leslie and I'm a second-generation Brownie Guider!  Over the years I've made plenty of mistakes and learned all sorts of techniques and good ideas - now I'm sharing them in the hope you can gain from my experience, and avoid at least some of my many mistakes!


If you want information on Brownie History, or information and resources on Brownie Traditions Badge, you can get these from my website lesliesguidinghistory.webs.com - and I've also got a website of Guide ideas for those who work with the Guide section - being the crazy sort of person I am, I also run a Guide unit!


Brownie History Basics

Guiding was founded in 1910, by Agnes Baden-Powell, and based on the Boy Scouts her elder brother Robert Baden-Powell had started.  Soon the younger sisters of the Guides wanted to join in with the fun, but the all-day hikes the Guides favoured were too strenuous for the younger girls.  The clamour grew and Agnes realised something would have to be done, so a group for younger girls was started in 1914 - Rosebuds.  The name was chosen because it was hoped that they would 'flower into Guides'.  They wore a navy jumper and skirt, a light blue necker tied at the neck, with a large navy tammy-style hat, and a special Rosebud Promise Badge designed by Agnes.  The photograph on the right shows two Rosebuds at either side.


The girls loved the activities, were happy with the uniform - but hated the name - far too soppy and twee!  Within a year, a better idea was found, and Brownies were launched.  There was a choice of four uniform options, one in navy and three in Brown, but by the 1920s it had settled to being the brown dress with chest pockets and the brown tie, as shown below.  Over the years uniforms and badges have changed, and activities too have changed to fit evolving times . . . shown below are Brownie uniforms from 1920, 1950, 1967 and 1990 which show the evolution for themselves!